Faith of Peace

Our Faith is rooted in the One Triune God to whom we belong in life and death, who came in Jesus Christ to reconcile the world,and whose Spirit transforms us into Christ’s image.

  • We believe God is clearly revealed in Jesus Christ. 
  • We believe worship honors God.
  • We believe that prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God.
  • We believe the Spirit of God speaks to us through Holy Scripture.
  • We believe the sacraments of Baptism & Communion seal our relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ through the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe all people are created in the image of God. 
  • We believe God loves all people.
  • We believe God is compassionately involved in the world. 
  • We believe God expects us to work for peace and justice for all.

Our mission is to make God known by growing as disciples of Jesus Christ, building a community of peace, and caring for the needs of others.  As Jesus did, we welcome people from all walks of life and points of view. All of us are in need of God's forgiveness and healing, and all of us deserve each other's understanding and support.


Goals of Peace

Inspiring Worship

Our goal is to provide inspiring worship, centered in weekly Word and Sacrament, that challenges and comforts the members of Peace, and that encourages and welcomes all guests as children of God.  

Nurturing Discipleship

Our goal is to prayerfully nurture people toward Christian maturity at all ages and stages of faith by the way we live, learn, read Scripture, worship, and serve together.

Compassionate Outreach

Our goal is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ with enthusiasm and with respect for persons of differing views, and to embody the lifestyle of Jesus Christ by compassionate service to those in need. 

Responsive Stewardship

Our goal is to encourage responsive stewardship of our God-given time, talent, resources, and spiritual gifts, to build the church and care for the earth and all God’s creatures

Authentic Relationships

Our goal is to build authentic relationships with people inside and outside the church, attending to their special needs and supporting them with the promise of God’s grace.